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...had I known how to save a life. by Capozeitor23
...had I known how to save a life.
I hate you.
I miss you.

I am SO over you.
I REALLY miss you.

You're not worth it.
I'm not worth it.

Look what you've done.
Look what I've done

I'm better off alone.
I can't make it through on my own.

I can't believe I wasted my time on you.
I can't believe I won't be able to spend time with you anymore.

I wouldn't even bother to try.
I would try again, again and again, until I got it right.

I don't even remember you.
I think about you every day.

I can't believe I cared about you.
I can't believe I let you go.

I regret nothing.
I'm sorry.

You're pathetic.
This is pathetic.

For the love of-...

This fucking song has been on my head for, what, 4 months? I DON'T KNOW.

I just need to get it out of my head and this usually works.

YES, I must upload it to dA, it's part of the process.

Also, would anybody teach me how to make reflections on photoshop? Because I clearly don't know how to.




Okay, I'll go to bed now, bye.

Inspiration ---->…

Bathroom by _____ (seriously?) and converted by OniMau619.
-Y aqui estare...- by Capozeitor23
-Y aqui estare...-
It should be -Y aquí estaré...- but stupid dA only allows letters without ´, dA I this is outrageous.

Lentamente el cielo se comenzó a nublar...
El clima no importa, debes estar feliz siempre.
El verano ya está por finalizar, pero no te preocupes porque iremos de viaje...
¡Muy lejos de aquí!

Aunque mucho tiempo tenga que pasar,
este sentimiento tú nunca vas a olvidar.
Y aquí estaré...
¡Yo te daré vida!

Música y amor, felicidad te entregarán,
Todo lo que has deseado siempre estuvo...
aquí en tú corazón.

Mira el mar, que cerca está.
Tenemos que ir a nadar y jugar.

Tan soló ven y ábreme la ventana...
Y dejare que el viento no guié entre las nubes.
A pesar que hoy no podremos salir, te aseguro que en este día tormentoso...
¡Te divertirás!

No importa cuanto cambie el mundo al despertar,
porque todo volverá a la normalidad...
Y aquí estaré...
¡Ya no tengas miedo!

Ahora puedes reír sin preocupaciones,
recordando hermosos días de nuestras vidas...
no los olvidarás.

El tiempo pasa y pronto se nos acabará,
lo digo porque yo sé que algún día,
tu crecerás...

Aunque mucho tiempo tenga que pasar,
Este sentimiento tú nunca vas a olvidar.
Y aquí estaré...
¡Por toda tu vida!

Música y amor, felicidad te entregarán,
lo más precioso que tú tienes está justo aquí...
muy dentro de ti...
¡Siempre será así!

Bringing my Spanish side back because:

1.) I love this cover. (… )

2.) I love it when most of my watchers don't understand Spanish and they're like "wat".

IF WE CAN LEARN ENGLISH (And I learned it by myself, fyi), YOU CAN ALL LEARN SPANISH, OK? OK.

Love you all <3

This photoshop practice was not the best, but I think it looks good enough, I dunno.
I just like...
...rigged the best shoulders ever ;3;//soproud :iconmanlytearsplz:

I wish I could post pictures of these models OTL They're so cute!

Also YAAAAY for getting paid! It feels great getting money for doing what you love <3
Just be friends!

This will have a proper picture on dA later, but now it's 8:30 am and I gotta do homework//sobs
-Past the Stargazing Season- by Capozeitor23
-Past the Stargazing Season-
Goodbye goodbye

Oh baby goodbye goodbye
No matter how many words we have to define
Goodbye goodbye
Oh darling goodnight goodnight
No matter how many times, it’s just not right

Empty sky

I’m alone with no one nearby
But our memories ignite the passion that keeps us both alive
Invite us to the beautiful star sight
Our hearts unite

It’s your consideration

Your patience, dedication
Devotion, action, forbearance that keep me flying high

Compassion, reinforcement

Encouragement, conviction
You are the star in my eyes

Acceptance, recognition
Assurance, absolution
Even your existence takes the burden off my mind
Allow me to fight by your side

I love you so
Oh baby my emotions flow
No matter how many failures, how much sorrow

I love you so

Oh darling I just love you so
No matter how many times, I have to follow

Pretty sky

I’m stargazing with you nearby
And our memories ignite the passion that keeps us both alive
Invite us to the beautiful star sight
Our souls unite

We’ve walked through every season

The winter snow, summer wind
Memories of what happened leave me little butterflies

My eyes went close and open

And captured every moment
Your smiles are always bright

I’m glad to have such fortune

Don’t make this an illusion
There are still so many versions of the night sky we both liked
I want to stay by your side

On a cloudy night

Just you and I
You’re so closeby
Yet so far from my life

The way you smiled

The way you cried
Oh baby there’s no such thing
Forever’s just a saying
There’s nothing I can decide.

Mili, I hate you.

No I luv u, I'm sorry//hugsthecrapoutofMili

I really like out this picture came out ;3;

Next song is probably Nine Point Eight, I've been wanting to make a picture of that song but never got any ideas of how to represent it, now I have one.…



Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hey there!! Welcome to my profile, feel free to take a look at my gallery ^^ It has mosly pics of DT (Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Dreamy Theater) models made by :iconsegaplz: and rigged by me for MMD (MikuMikuDance).

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May I ask what the hell was that?
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What the hell was "what"?
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Oh wow, thank you! :'D I'm really glad you like my pictures/videos/models haha ( ⋂‿⋂’)

But what did you like about them? I don't consider them to be that good ( ⌒ _ ⌒; )

You have a lot of really nice pictures in your gallery too! 
faizomorgana Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
i like that selfy odel btw. its just so awesome
ClemCrazy Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  New member
i have been a MMD user for a long time, haven't joined the deviantart community for many reasons (drama), but i must say you and xdonotenterx are by far the best team i see here. So much effort put into your models! high quality rigs and physics, it seems everyone uses physics from other models/users, facial expressions, even rigs exported from the game. Then they demand credit "for the hard work" they have done when no work was done at all by them just a "rip" so to speak.  Also i have notice many people try to keep up with you both! :D LOL for example:

people like chocofudge98 or conflictluka try to out beat you with rigs and physics but fail. 
(i would like to see one of chocofudge98 models out of photoshop and into mmd for once lol, talk about a fake model)

people like syazwan133 and xxnekochanofdoomxx try to out beat your friend with appearance and effect and they fail. 

But at the end of they day i have to say keep up the good work. :) 
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Capozeitor23 Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! I do believe we're a pretty good team, but I don't know if we're the best, I'm glad you think so though!

Eeeeeh, to be honest, whoever they are, I don't think they're trying to beat me, they're just doing what they like, I suppose? I mean, who am I to say they're trying to beat me, and even if they were, there's no proof, any way, what other people do with their models it's none of my business ^^

Why do you think so? They also might be doing just what they like, just let them beee, besides XDONOTENTERX and I don't care about what other people do/think about us anywaaay :'D

Thank you! Will do! ^^
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